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Add Photos

If you own a salon, it is important to ensure your recognition and attractiveness to potential clients.

One way to do this is by choosing a suitable logo and cover photo for your website.


I have to emphasize that if you don't choose your own logo and a cover photo, a generic red logo with the initial letter of your salon name, as well as a generic photo for the cover image, will be displayed.

salon featured image

I highly recommend to choose your own logo and cover photo to make your salon stand out in search results. Logo and cover photo are visual elements that can help create recognition and attract the attention of users looking for the services you provide.

Choosing a suitable logo and cover photo can be challenging, but keep in mind that they must be representative of your business and what you offer.


Logo bi trebao biti jednostavan, ali upečatljiv, a naslovna fotografija bi trebala prikazivati vaš salon ili rad koji obavljate. U galeriji možete dodati dodatne fotografije koje će korisnicima dati dodatnu informaciju o vašim uslugama.