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Login Fixed

· One min read

Some users reported having trouble logging into the site, that issues is now fixed.

If you still can't login

Try cleaning your browser history and cookies for

If that doesn't solve your problem, please let me know at [email protected] with information which browser, desktop or mobile device, attach a screenshot.

You can now also login with Google login.

Portal has issues

Currently it's only me working on it, on my free time. I am working on removing site issues and adding new features. I believe it can all be better, it's important to me that the site is fast and user friendly. Most of all, that LocateSalon delivers data that you're looking for: Salon location, services and contact details. Thanks all for your emails and suggestions. I sometimes don't respond as fast, but every feedback is welcome and important!

Locatesalon is not a central salon appointment portal...yet

Sometimes I get emails from people that would like to make an appointment...we're not about that. Please contact the salon directly with contact details that are on that salon page.

LocateSalon is a beauty salon directory