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How can you help with outdated content?

· One min read

We currently maintain more than 30k salons, and sometimes you might see incorrect information about beauty salon like opening hours, contact number or address.

When was the last update and who is the maintainer?

Now you're able to see who's the maintainer and when was the last update.


Would you like to maintain your salon page?

No problem. You can reach out to us, there's a contact form below salon title. We'll check your request, and verify your email.


Do you want to report an error?

You can let us know if the data is incorrect. There's a contact form on the page.


Do you want to remove your beauty salon?

We're sorry if you'd like to remove your salon from our database. You can do that by reaching out to us in the same way when you report the error. We'll need to check that you really are the owner of the salon you reported.

Before you decide to remove your salon, please take into account that we get visits from your potential customers.