First post and about latest changes


Dear visitors and salon owners,

I would like to inform you about the latest changes on LocateSalon. First of, LocateSalon is a web portal that unites information about beauty salons, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, massage salons and solarium’s. Entering a new salon into LocateSalon is completely free. For salon owners that want extended features and better positioning, there’s a paid plan explained in

I am continuously working on improving content, look and feel of LocateSalon. From time to time I will be informing you about latest portal changes. Currently introduced changes on the site are:

Fixed business hours view

When salons didn’t enter their business hours, portal would show they were closed for every day of the week.

Removed google reviews

Removed google reviews and left only original reviews on LocateSalon.  Portal doesn’t regularly refresh google reviews and doesn’t pull all of the reviews. That results in outdated and incorrect final rating. Hence the removal.

Salons in wrong categories

Some salons were placed in wrong categories, mostly barber shops and hair salons. If you notice the error is still there, please send us a note at

Salon removal from the directory

If your salon is placed in our directory, and you’d like it removed, you can send us a request at





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    Wrong beauty salon location showing on the map

    Wrong location on map fixed

    One salon owner pointed me out on the wrong location showing on the map. Although we had a correct address entered, map marker would be off by few points. That’s corrected now. Error was also present on global map salons search. In the featured image, you can see before and after correction example. Thanks all […]

    Submit Beauty Salon

    Submit a Beauty Salon is back online

    Submit salon form is back online and free to use. I accidentally had it disabled after fixing some bugs with entering new data. If your beauty salon is not in our directory, feel free to add it